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On July 3, 2016 we had a kitchen fire. I was going to bake a cake and needed to melt 2 sticks of butter. After placing them on the stone and turning the stove on I got sidetracked and in less than 15 minutes we had a 3-4 foot flame in the kitchen. We immediately put the fire out with an extinguisher and called the fire department so they could reassure us that we had indeed completed the job. They confirmed that the fire was extinguished and sucked out the thick smoke that was in most of the house. I called our insurance company, USAA, and reported our fire. They highly recommended Northwest Restoration to help get our home back to normal. USAA told us they would notify Northwest Restoration and we accepted. The following day, on 4th of July, we received a phone call from Jeff Davis and we set up an appointment for the following day. Jeff was there the next day and assessed the damage. After walking around our house he gave us the estimate of the damage then directed us on what would be happening the next 4-6 weeks. USAA gave us the go ahead and within 24 hours Jeff’s team came in and started cleaning and packing. At that time we decided to upgrade the kitchen and Jeff assured us it was possible. Everyone from the ladies that cleaned and packed, to the painters, electricians, plumbers, tile layer and the carpenter were always professional and did their jobs VERY well! We felt comfortable enough to leave our home to go on vacation while his team came in to demolish our kitchen and paint most of our home. Northwest Restoration finished in 6 weeks. It would have been sooner, but some of my new appliances had to be special ordered. Our kitchen is amazing and has left the 80’s! We can’t thank Jeff and his team enough for a great job!

Matthew & Rhonda Hostler
2535 Orchard Hill Rd
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

I have known Jeff since High School, and as far back as I can remember he and his dad have been in construction. I contacted him to be our contractor for our total remodel of our home we purchase near Cave Springs. We were impressed with the written proposal Jeff provided us. He also scheduled the county inspector, which went very well. We chose Jeff and Northwest Restoration because we TRUSTED him fully and he delivered. I would be glad to recommend him to anyone who is considering a remodel or any construction! Thanks Jeff!

Denny Ledford

Northwest Restoration has been very thorough and efficient in handling all of my needs from my hot water tank leaking. They are willing to go out of their way to adapt to your needs. I especially needed this adaptability because of my travel schedule and other events. Their workmanship is excellent. They insure only the best materials are used to restore and the best craftman to handle everything. They have proven themselves to be very trustworthy. They are customer friendly. I highly recommend them.

Fred Wade

On January 16th, 2007, the unthinkable happened to my home, a fire occured and left me thinking where do I go from here? I called Northwest Restoration and from the very beginning I knew everything would be ok. Jeff Davis, the owner, was extremely friendly, nice and willing to do anything to help me. Northwest Restoration really made my terrible situation easier. I was very pleased with the final results and all the workers/employees were very kind and did a great job restoring my home.

Freddie Edgmon

When my home suffered unfortunate water damage recently, I didn’t know who to turn to, what to do, or how bad the situation was. Luckily my son recommended Northwest Restoration. The water technicians were fast, efficient and took care of my water damage in a timely and professional manner. Everyone I came in contact with at Northwest Restoration was polite and very helpful; they really made my water damage/situation very easy and answered any questions I proposed. I was overall very please and satisfied with the work NWR performed for me, and would recommend them to anyone should their home suffer an unfortunate incident.

Claude Harris

We are very happy with the work that was done. The ceiling looks great. We can’t thank you enough for the extra care given to protect our furnishings while the work was being done, and then moving furniture back in place plus the clean up after completion. I especially want to thank the ladies for all the time spent cleaning our Chandelier. When I turned it on I happened to look at it and good work ladies!  Also, everything else. Thank you!

George and Bonnie Fellers

I would like to give Northwest Restoration a pat on the back, for a great job and wonderful service. We just really didn’t know where to start when lightning struck our home and caused a fire. The damage was not bad compared to what a lot of fire causes, only three rooms had structural damage, but then there was the smoke, smell, moving everything out that has been accumulated in 38 years of marriage. We were overwhelmed, and then Northwest Restoration showed up. They had a plan. The cleaning crew showed up cleaned, packed, washed and cleaned clothes and bedding, moved my furniture out even washed windows and cleaned cabinets and treated the grandkids like they were theirs. What a great bunch and so caring. The carpenters, painters, sheet rockers where so professional even the guys that laid my carpet and flooring were great. The furniture and old carpet was cleaned and my house looks great. We could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for all the hard work guys. We got to have Thanksgiving dinner with our grandkids at home.

Gene and Jo Cantrell

I can’t thank you enough for the service Northwest Restoration provided after our recent water incident! While out of town we had significant water damage through our chimney and onto our upstairs ceiling. Your team at Northwest Restoration responded quickly to limit the damage to our home and start repairs. After my wife and I returned your team worked tirelessly to completely fix the damage and insure no further water damage would occur. Additionally, you worked with our insurance agent to make sure any covered damages would be handled appropriately. All told…..we are very happy with the responsiveness, professionalism and quality of work provided by Northwest Restoration. I would gladly recommend Northwest Restoration to anyone who needs help with fire, water or other damage repair.

Don Harris

I want to thank you for your excellent service. Josh and his crew were professional, kind, and very efficient in a situation that was stressful. We were able to get our tenants back in their home within six days! I will not hesitate to recommend Northwest Restoration Inc, to others. Thanks to everyone on the NWR team!

Pam Ryba

Not too long ago, we experienced a terrible problem that occurred in our home when a faulty new roof was not properly installed. As a result, we suffered water damage to the interior of our home and didn’t know where to turn. We hired Northwest Restoration Inc. to repair the damage to our home. Not only did Northwest Restoration Inc do an exceptional job from our ceiling and carpet, they also were very kind and helpful throughout the whole process. Our contract was honored and any questions we had were answered in a timely and professional manner. We would highly recommend Northwest Restoration Inc. to anyone who should happen to suffer a misfortune to their home as we did.

Robert & Lucinda Shook

Thanks for the GREAT WORK on our home. Your service is really appreciated!

Loren Lippincott